Our management Team

How do you multiply expertise?
Through a team with a unique configuration.

As colleagues of many years’ standing, we have already worked intensively together and know each other's individual abilities. We have also already experienced full real estate cycles. As a result, we are a decentralised and experienced management organisation that leads motivated teams. Personal initiative, trust, high expectations and simple pleasure in what we do are what set us apart. Over the years, we have built up a successful track record with good investments and projects as well as a positive reputation on the market. And that is something that we intend to continue at Sonar.

Christoph Wittkop Vita

Christoph Wittkop

Managing Partner
+49 178 70 80 910

Matthias Gerloff Vita

Matthias Gerloff

Managing Partner
Fund Management & Investment Solutions
+49 173 88 67 761

Daniel Jäde Vita

Daniel Jäde

Managing Partner
Development & Project Management
+49 173 67 11 555

Nick Puschkasch Vita

Nick Puschkasch

Managing Partner
Transaction & asset management
+49 160 88 68 828

Holger Hosang Vita

Holger Hosang

Managing Partner
Transaction & asset management
+49 172 54 07 665

Julian Kaup Vita

Julian Kaup

Managing Director
Transaction & asset management
+49 151 171 283 74

Steffen Wittwer Vita

Steffen Wittwer

Managing Director
Development & Acquisition
+49 172 66 13 000